Can You Help Academy FM?

12 Sep 2023
Folkestone Podcast from Academy FM

Our local radio station Academy FM Folkestone are going through some financial changes and really need the support of local businesses / organisations to ensure they have a viable future.

One easy way to do so is through sponsoring the Folkestone Podcast, hosted by Kay McLoughlin.

They have 4 sponsorship opportunities for local businesses to support the Folkestone Podcast: associate your business with something new, positive and local.

  • Podcast hosted by local radio presenter Kay McLoughlin
  • Your business and strapline in 2 ‘sponsor tags’ per episode
  • A bespoke 30 second commercial for your business in each episode
  • Your business name and link on the Academy FM website
  • Tags for your business in Folkestone Podcast social media
  • New podcast released every fortnight
  • Including positive interviews about places, people and events
  • Featuring local charities and support organisations
  • Sponsorship limited to only 4 businesses
  • Highly affordable - only £25 per episode, per business
  • Available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or direct download

Learn more on their PDF below, and contact Kate Blease or 07841 203960 with enquiries or bookings.