It's Coming Down! Princes Parade Hoarding Removal Welcomed

21 Mar 2024
Princes Parade

The process of removing hoarding panels surrounding the council-owned Princes Parade site in Hythe has begun.

A 1.2m perimeter fence, necessary to restrict access to an area where there is known contamination, will be installed in its place during the works – likely to take up to eight weeks to complete. Preparatory tasks were completed this week.

It is the latest significant step for the site ahead of a public consultation about its future later this year.

Council Leader Jim Martin said:

“It would be an understatement to say I’m pleased we’ve got to the stage where the hoarding can be removed.

“Since they were first erected in July 2022, the panels have spoiled the panoramic views for residents and visitors, as well as attracting graffiti and vandalism.

“It’s great that these panels can be put to much better use at Otterpool Park, where they will be reused to secure currently vacant buildings.”

Deputy Leader Tim Prater said:

"The people of Sandgate and Hythe want their vista back, and I'm delighted that we will now be able to give it back.

"The Princes Parade development collapsed after years of opposition under the weight of its own cost - as we told them it would. Some Councillors still find it hard to accept, and have argued the hoarding should remain in place for many more years until the scheme becomes affrodable again. That's like waiting for steps to the moon - never going to happen - and we refuse to subject local residents to that.

"We've been working to get this hoarding down since the first days of our administration, and I'm delighted to see it coming true. Happy Easter, Hythe and Sandgate!"

Work has been organised in consultation with ecologists to ensure badger setts and other wildlife habitats are safeguarded, while the necessary approvals have been sought from Historic England.

Councillors and campaigners met contractors on site last week to discuss the latest developments. The footpath south of The Sea View Bridge will need to be closed, when necessary, to allow the work to be completed – please see local signage for more information.