Tim's Council Diary: The Magic Carpet

24 Nov 2023
Magic Carpet ride down Shellons Street

I've had some really positive feedback on the virtual reality magic carpet ride around the Folkestone - a Brighter Future Phase 2 project proposals at https://www.folkestone-hythe.gov.uk/luf-public-engagement-Nov23

This is essentially a part of the consultation on the resiting of Folkestone bus station, bringing back a public park area in Bouverie Square (nice to see the current "bus station" building retained), remodelling Middelburg Square and Shellons Street. The survey is open until Monday 4 December: have a look, and have your say.

I've been asked a few times why the new Council are going ahead with the levelling-up plans. The money to do it was from the previous administrations bid to the Government for specific projects. As I said at the time, I'd have had slightly different priorities for the bid. Why go ahead with it now?

Because we got £20m to spend from Government on the projects specified in the bid.

We can't spend it on other things. We either spend it on the things the money was granted for, or give it back to Government to spend elsewhere. It might be nor focussed on exactly the things I'd have bid for. But it's still cash, and still improvements to Folkestone

On that basis, we're seeking to get the best we can out of those projects. And the money creates jobs delivering those projects, and will lead to a better town centre. That's still worth doing, and worth having.